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About us

2-plan® is a registered trademark of 2-plan GmbH, Wangen/Germany.


Director: Thomas Brandstetter (Freising, Germany)

Marketing and Customer Relations: Melvin Tandoc (Philippines)

Developed by

Thomas (Germany): Architect

Konstantin (Ukraine): Lead Developer, Architect and Partner

Dmitry (Belarus): Developer 2-plan Desktop

Yuriy (Russian): Lead Developer 2-plan Team

Nik (Ukraine): Developer work 2-gether

Dmitry (Ukraine): Re-Design 2-plan Team

Jagtesh (India): Initial REST API

Many thanks to

Björn (Germany): Ideas

werkBLICK (Germany): Initial Web Design

Kristijan (Croatia): Designer

Karen (USA): Web Content

Scott A. (USA): Articles

Scott S. (USA): Voice Over and Video Production

Max (Belarus): Icon Design

Sergey Shevchenko (Russian): Web Icons

Gaurav (India): Articles

Melanie (Germany/Turkey): Interim Management

Lilia (USA): Initial Marketing Concept

Responsible for this web site

2-plan GmbH
Pratostr. 4/3
88239 Wangen

Director: Thomas Brandstetter, Wangen


Amtsgericht Ulm, HRB 728437

VAT ID: DE273133017