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Download these project management systems on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Also try the free and for-sale plug-ins. To use the desktop, you'll need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is also free from Oracle.

Secure Download

Windows (V2.5)

Windows Installer to download and install the correct version.
32 Bit Version as ZIP file (no installation needed)
64 Bit Version as ZIP file (no installation needed)

Linux (V2.5)

Desktop Installer to download and install the correct version.
32 Bit GTK as ZIP file (no installation needed)
64 Bit GKT as ZIP file (no installation needed)

Mac OS X (2.5)

32 Bit Cocoa as ZIP file (no installation needed)
64 Bit Cocoa as ZIP file (no installation needed)

2-plan Team (V1.4)

Extract the files on your server and read the file install-readme for further instructions.


2-plan Desktop PM Freeware Download and Installation FAQs

Do you need more specific instructions with the download and installation of 2-plan Desktop software? We have collected these frequently asked questions from our Google Analytics Reports and forums over the course of several months. These download and installation questions are what users of this project management freeware usually search for in Google or ask about.

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2-plan Team Free Project Software Download Help and How To

Are you having problems with the installation of 2-plan Team? Do you want to know where the free source code for the 2-plan Team is? We have collected these FAQs through our forums and Google Analytics Reports. Yes, these are actual questions that users ask. We want you to be up and running with your 2-plan Team open source project software at the fastest time.

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Check the Free Plug-Ins or Extensions Here

For you, we regularly update the 2-plan Desktop through the core system and its plug-ins. We have an aggressive release schedule of 6 to 8 weeks. Check your 2-plan Desktop every two months for the regular updates and upgrades. We have loads of new features and feature sets in the pipeline. Currently, the free plug-ins are: risk management, extended project explorer, additional views, cost management, activity template, fixed-duration project type, project materials and an MS Project file app. Have fun.

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Pay for the Commercial Plug-Ins or Extensions Here

First, make sure that you have tried the 30-day free trial period of the 2-plan Desktop commercial plug-ins and that you really want these tools. You want to stand out. You want more efficient teams. You want sleek project management software apps that give you the edge over the herd. You want to contribute your share to the 2-plan community of users. You want this software to be as sustainable as you possibly can and strongly capable of supporting you for the long term. Most of all, you can afford it. Shop then and enjoy!

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