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Check the Free Plug-Ins or Extensions Here

For you, we regularly update the 2-plan Desktop through the core system and its plug-ins. We have an aggressive release schedule of 6 to 8 weeks. Check your 2-plan Desktop every two months for the regular updates and upgrades. We have loads of new features and feature sets in the pipeline. Currently, the free plug-ins are: risk management, extended project explorer, additional views, cost management, activity template, fixed-duration project type, project materials and an MS Project file app. Have fun.


This plug-in allows you to create and monitor risks within your projects. Provide a detailed description of the risk as well as rate the impact of the risk on the project. Select the likelihood that the scenario will occur and identify strategies to mitigate the risk. Assign risks to a person or team, so you know the resources related to each risk.

graphical project structure view

This plug-in gives you an animated graphical snapshot of your project breakdown structure. Beginning at the high-level workspace view for all your projects, you can click to expand into greater levels of detail as you explore each project. Quickly see how all the elements of your project are interrelated in a similar format often seen in mind maps.

additional views plug-in

This plug-in provides the user with all of the available views for the software to maximize the navigation and usability of the application. Simply install this plug-in and the views become immediately available for use.

cost management columns

Set currency values on your project resources for cost-plus pricing or per work package for simplified target costing. This works quietly in the background while enhancing several core system and plugin features. Its simplified costing approach is a user requested feature which assures you of practical, real world application minus the complexity of traditional project management software. Amazingly, it is customer-driven to work for the 2-plan customer!

drag and drop work package

This plug-in increases the user experience as enhanced drag-and-drop functionality allows you to copy and paste items such as people or work packages from area to area within the application. You will be delighted with how quickly and easily you can setup a new project using templates and easy to use drag-and-drop functionality.


Monitor work packages in the method that makes sense for you and your project. The manual type provides the simplest view for tracking projects. There is no need to enter the effort or duration and you can work directly within the Gantt Chart. With the effort-driven project type, you can track your project using the planned and actual effort. The fixed-duration project type uses a defined amount of time to complete each work package and then the tracking is based on that timeline. Produce reports that use the metrics that work best for you.

material management

Along with human resources, projects have physical or material resources. Define these in projects and assign per work package. These can be anything from procured items with fixed costs to leased or rented items with standard or overtime rates. Project expenses with costs per use such as hotel accommodations are also covered. Perfect for defining incidental expenses and overhead per work package when subcontracting projects. This ensures adequate profit margins and reflects close-to-real-world costs in your project budget. Simplified and flexible to accommodate equipment, supplies or consumables, reimbursable expenses, office space or production premises, furniture, and other items that impact the overall cost of your project, this plugin works best with the Cost Management plug-in which is also free!