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Top Down and Bottom Up Planning

free top down bottom up planning toolCreate a project plan even though the task-level details are still vague. When you have specialists who work on the details, 2-plan Desktop is the perfect PM tool. It aligns your strategy with the real world conditions that your people encounter at the front line. Test its free strategic planning decomposition tools for program management and enterprise planning.


Graphical WBS

project wbs freeControl your work packages graphically. Creating a project WBS is now sleek and easy. Test drive the UI. Speed and sift through your process, people and product components via the analytical and yet animated project breakdown structure. Change the screen layout and more with this work breakdown structure software.


Project Control System

project manager software free project control systemCreate a project baseline and compare this with the forecasts of your virtual teams. Control your milestones or create one of the predefined HTML reports. This project control system is designed for simplicity, ease of use and encourages teamwork! Monitor virtual teams online or via mobile phones.


Project Scheduling Management

project scheduling management freeSchedule your projects with innovative project scheduling management tools. Create work packages, define dependencies, and allocate resources. Quickly make changes via click-and-drag directly within the Gantt chart!


Project Planning Tools

project planning tools2-plan Desktop has designed project planning tools that lets you work with multiple projects and easily drag-and-drop previous project plan components from the template folder. This project planning software also uses mind maps and other planning tools with easy template-making capability. You don't need to reinvent the wheel with 2-plan Desktop!


Free Extensions

free project software extensionsUse the core features for free. Avail of the free plug-ins. Likewise, you might want to buy the specialized commercial plug-ins for your progressive plans. No free trial time- or usage-limits on the core system. Advance at your own pace.


Top Features

  • Download Free Core System
  • Customize Perspectives for Planning, Controlling, Reporting and Others
  • Manage Different Project Types
  • Create Four Different Work Package Types
  • Define Teams, Assign Roles or Engage Project Staff
  • Use Top-Down Planning as a Strategic Planning Method
  • Advance with Extensions or Plug-ins
  • Think with Graphical WBS
  • Brainstorm with Mind Maps then Transform these Ideas into Project Objects
  • Manage Project Portfolios or View Project Breakdown Structures
  • Analyze with Graphical Indicators
  • Manage through Integrated Reports
  • Synchronize for Online and Smartphone Team Collaboration
  • Commission Your Own Plug-ins thru the Latest Development Environment (2011)
  • Tap Offshore Development Service
  • Read the Free Online Manual Anytime
  • Learn with Free Training Videos
  • Sign-up for Commercial Support