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Free Extensions

2-plan provides plug-ins that can accompany the standard installation so you can adapt the tool to fit your additional needs.

2-plan desktop project management software plugins

The Extended Project Explorer enhances the animation of your views. Adding the Baselining plug-in provides additional views to compare the progress of your project with the baseline you set. The 2-plan Team Connector allows you to send work packages from the 2-plan Desktop to the 2-plan Team server so you'll get the benefits of a database engine. The Risk Management plug-in allows you to create and monitor risks within your projects. The Activity Template plugin provides the additional drag-and-drop functionality enhancing the usability of the application. The Fixed Duration Project Nature plug-in allows you to predefine the type of work packages that will be used for the project such as manual, effort driven, or fixed duration and customize portions of the software for that view. The MS Project Import/Export plugin allows you to use MS Project files in your 2-plan Desktop and vice-versa.

Custom Plug-ins (Development Service)

offshore development

Do you want to import and export your existing project data directly into 2-plan or do you have an idea for a new feature?

2-plan provides development resources for $30 per hour or at a fixed price. An individual import wizard for XML files is available for less than $300. Please contact us by email to describe your needs or ideas.

Development Environment

2-plan desktop eclipse environment

You can develop extensions for 2-plan Desktop yourself with the current development environment. A manual will be available this 2012. You can easily store more information in the data model, change the UI as you see fit, store data in a database, add new features, or change an integration point. You can also define your own project types to fit your objectives.