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Graphical WBS

Control your work packages graphically. Creating a project WBS is now sleek and easy. Test drive the UI. Speed and sift through your process, people and product components via the analytical and yet animated project breakdown structure. Change the screen layout and more with this work breakdown structure software.

Graphical Project Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Use 2-plan Desktop's free graphical project WBS to quickly layout the scope of your projects. Using a top down planning approach, start with the project’s end state and work downwards adding increasing levels of detail.

graphical project wbs

Creating a project WBS with this graphical tool is ideal because it allows you to enter items quickly and arrange them in the format that works for your project. If you change your mind, you can use the interactive tool to rearrange the items with a series of drags and drops.

You can also insert the jpeg images of your graphical WBS with greater ease in your project proposals or RFPs! 2-plan Desktop project management software is the first to offer a free interactive graphical WBS.

Animated Project Breakdown Structure (PBS)

Use 2-plan Desktop's innovative project breakdown structure tool to view project components like WBS, teams, milestones, materials or project mind maps.

project breakdown structure tool

2-plan Desktop's Extended Project Explorer allows you to drill-down on your projects and see what each component has. Likewise, manage several projects with a quick, top-level view to see which projects your teams are working on or which equipment have you assigned to certain projects.

This simple, but powerful, tool provides project managers an easier grasp on the complex relationships or interdependencies of their project components. Likewise, program managers can now see a summary of their sub-projects and how each one impacts another.

Most significantly, PMO administrators handling multiple projects for project firms can get a quick view on where their human and physical resources are currently assigned, simply and more effectively.

Project Breakdown Structure by Views

Optimize the views that work best for you. 2-plan Desktop offers a wide variety of choices in the look-and-feel of the application to better manage your project breakdown structure.

project breakdown structure views

Use the Project Explorer to move easily between projects and related information.

Activate the Business Object Editor. The BOEditor provides a common area of the application that refreshes to display editable values for each object you select within the Project Explorer. Quickly bounce among project objects.

Including the Gantt charts, resource utilization, and calendars in your view enable you to work even more efficiently with your project breakdown structure.

Business Object Editor: PBS Drill Down

Providing extremely fast navigation among objects, the Business Object Editor handles a common area of the application that refreshes with the applicable values for each object you select within the Project Explorer that can be modified.

project breakdown structure editor

A simple double click on an icon brings you at once to a project component where you can edit the related details. 2-plan Desktop thrives by the design principle of simple but efficient to arrive at the best results.