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Project Control System

Create a project baseline and compare this with the forecasts of your virtual teams. Control your milestones or create one of the predefined HTML reports. This project control system is designed for simplicity, ease of use and encourages teamwork! Monitor virtual teams online or via mobile phones.

Budgeting Projects and Simplified Control Systems

Compare the planned effort with the actual estimated time to complete once the project is underway.

project control system effort control

2-plan Desktop's approach to project cost budgeting and control uses graphical icons that point to areas where the budget has gone over and allow you to quickly identify those critical work packages that need your immediate attention.

It also has features that lets you define quality expectations for each deliverable, a baseline tool, cost buffering for still undefined work packages and monitoring capabilities online or via mobile phones.

Managing Milestones in Project Management

Monitor your milestones easily with clear graphical indicators that alert you to current or future problems.

project control software milestones

Since each project milestone is assigned directly to work packages, you can quickly drill down to the work package level and easily identify which items are causing bottleneck issues.

Moreover, 2-plan Desktop's approach to managing milestones in project management presents a spreadsheet view for project managers to collectively control their milestones. Project snapshots and summaries are a breeze for controlling projects!

Simplified Project Control System Reporting

project control html reports

Creating project status reports with 2-plan Desktop is so easy.

You can use one of the predefined reports or install additional plug-ins to create reports such as the Baseline.

Reports that generate a .csv file are also available. You can download the data into a spreadsheet and build custom reports.

Get Status Information from the 2-plan Team

Update actual effort and the estimated time to complete manually within your 2-plan Desktop or you can have your team enter the information into 2-plan Team and synchronize the updates directly.

status reports project control software

2-plan Team provides your teams with the tools to enter their time, add tasks, and update estimated time on the task level to provide you with accurate forecasts for proper project control. Your teams can report their progress online or via mobile devices through the 2-plan Team while you get the summaries on your 2-plan Desktop. Only do drill down analysis when you need it!