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Project Planning Tools

2-plan Desktop has designed project planning tools that lets you work with multiple projects and easily drag-and-drop previous project plan components from the template folder. This project planning software also uses mind maps and other planning tools with easy template-making capability. You don't need to reinvent the wheel with 2-plan Desktop!

Project Planning Tool with Template Creation Capability

Set up new projects efficiently through the enhanced drag-and-drop functionality found in the 2-plan Desktop.

project planning tool for template

Many projects consist of common elements used time after time for each project such as people, team structures, and routine work packages. A project planner no longer has to enter this information each time he/she creates a new project plan. Simply drag-and-drop components from the predefined templates or your previous project plans right into the new project plan.

This project planning tool makes new project plan creation a breeze with 2-plan Desktop!

Project Planning Tool for Scenario Planning: The Workspace Concept

2-plan Desktop provides a central Workspace for you to manage all of your projects.

planning tool for project scenarios

Your workspace stores all of your perspectives, preferences, and settings so you can easily maintain a common working environment for all of your related projects.

Clone your workspace so you can make hypothetical adjustments, analyze scenarios, or easily create plans A, B or C for different costings, different client options, or different future events. A project plan is not static nor standalone. Give your organization an edge by planning for multiple possibilities easily and quickly!

For program and project managers who need to present alternate plans for funding approval to corporate finance officers or the board of directors, 2-plan Desktop is the best choice that blends your needs for executive level planning while using the tried and tested parts of your previous projects.