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Project Scheduling Management

Schedule your projects with innovative project scheduling management tools. Create work packages, define dependencies, and allocate resources. Quickly make changes via click-and-drag directly within the Gantt chart!

Project Scheduling Management and Resources

2-plan Desktop's project scheduling management approach focuses on your project needs instead of going overboard and overwhelming the project manager with the full blown work of human resource managers or property managers. Experience just-enough-project-schedule-tools to get your PM work done. 2-plan Desktop's project resource management approach covers both human resources and material resources without duplicating the job of personnel and/or asset management systems.

project scheduling management - resources

Create a working inventory of project staff (Persons), Teams and Roles. Assign work packages to your staff, team leaders or subcontractors and view the utilization assigned to each human resource type. You can also assign specific people to your work packages or you can delegate your resource allocation tasks to your team leaders by assigning a work package to an entire team. Role-based planning offers even more freedom because it allows you to describe the type of resource you need without labeling a specific person or team. The Role resource type works best for subcontractors, external project teams or consultants.

Create an inventory of your material resources such as consumables, equipment or items to be procured as project components. Assign physical resources to people that are involved in your project. Consumables cover material resources like cement or paper. Project equipment cover vehicles, heavy equipment or existing UAVs. Project items to be procured that directly impact your project may include equipment that are separate projects by themselves like TBMs or green facility equipment like wind turbines.

2-plan Desktop lets you manage these complex project components through a simple approach and design with the project manager and appropriate job roles in mind. Likewise, brainstorm on your resource assignments through the 2-plan Desktop mind maps. After brainstorming, transform your ideas into project objects seamlessly through drag-and-drop. Experience this mind map plugin that offers the first transform processes between mind map objects and project objects and vice-versa.

Resource Allocation Graph and Tools for Project Schedule Management

2-plan Desktop uses your staffs’ availability from their calendar in relation to their assigned work packages to calculate schedules. Determine at a glance if any user, team, or role is over allocated through the resource allocation graph. Check the Resource Planner View for your strategic resource allocation decisions. Aside from the resource allocation graph/chart, 2-plan Desktop offers other resource allocation tools.

project scheduling management resource allocation chart

Easily define the availability of each resource for situations such as vacation time, part-time, or overtime. Increase or decrease the standard availability on the project level to account for overtime, company holidays, or team events, which will apply to all resources assigned to the project. The Reminder View highlights these exceptions so you can account for them as they occur in the upcoming weeks. 2-plan Desktop addresses your project management resource allocation needs simply and effectively with these standard tools!

Most importantly, it eases your project scheduling management work with lesser worries and complications.

WorkPackage Types and WBS Work Packages

Select the way you want each of your WBS work packages to be calculated in your schedule using one of four WorkPackage types. Work package definition through their properties is possible with 2-plan Desktop.

project scheduling management workpackages

Can't scale up the quantity of your skilled manpower or project resources, or you want to spread out your expenses for a longer time? Use the effort-driven type when you want the time to be determined based on the estimated effort and resources allocated.

Got a deadline to beat for the execution of a workpackage? Use the fixed-duration type when you want to assign a specific amount of time to the work package and you can easily scale up or scale down the quantity of your manpower or project resources, or when you have enough financial resources at a given short time to meet the deadline.

Want to schedule specific start and end dates? Use the manual type for government projects, government-funded projects, or any other projects where the start date is fixed and the completion date is non-negotiable.

Need to produce a project report or analyze your project plan without a certain work package? Instead of deleting that work package so you can exclude it from your reports or calculations, simply select the deactivated type.

Take a special note that this work package project management tool allows you to customize and change your schedule without complicated configurations or settings. Project scheduling management can and should be simple!