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Installing Add-ons

You can scale up the functionality of your 2-plan Desktop through the various innovative add-ons/plug-ins/extensions that are available in this website. More add-ons will be available in the future for enhancing the features and functionalities of your 2-plan Desktop.

To install an add-on/plug-in/extension:

  • Click ‘Help’ menu in the top menu bar of your 2-plan Desktop.
  • Click ‘Install new software...’
  • Choose the site from where you want to get the add-on. Sites are shown in the ‘Work with’ drop down list and you can also add new sites if you don’t find it in the list of sites.
  • Choose your desired software/add-on/plug-in/extension from the list of displayed add-ons.
  • Click ‘Next’. A review screen is shown in order for you to review the components that you have selected to install.
  • Click finish to install the add-on software. You will need to restart your 2-plan Desktop in order to use the new functionality (as installed through the add-on).

Install Add-ons