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Minimum system requirements for 2-plan Desktop

We have tested the software on a simple notebook with 512 MB memory. To extract the zip file, you'll need at least 50 MB of disk space. You will also need to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK). The JRE or JDK are free downloads from Oracle.

Download the software

The 2-plan Desktop software can be downloaded by simply clicking on the Free Download menu item on top of this webpage or at the left side with the red 'popular' icon. To use the application, just extract the compressed archive files at a suitable location. Depending on your system, you can create a short link to the application which is in the created folder /2-plan/2-plan

2-plan Desktop is designed to be portable. You can extract it on a USB flash drive and take it with you. Simply plug the USB flash drive in any PC and you're ready to go!


Start the application

To run the application, just double-click on the 2-plan Desktop icon and you are ready to start working with the 2-plan Desktop. Once the archived file is extracted, you don't need to install it.

You need help?

Please use the public 2-plan Desktop forum. We will answer your question within 24 hours.