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Understanding Project Plan Types

The current release of 2-plan Desktop supports 3 types of project plans – Manual, Effort-Driven and Fixed Duration projects. However, we will introduce other project plan types in the subsequent releases of 2-plan Desktop. Let’s take a quick look at these 3 project plan types.


Manual projects are for persons who quickly need a Gantt chart or a nice visual representation of schedules and other project components for use in a presentation (as required by almost 50% of users of PM tools). In this case, there are no values for efforts and there are no durations for work packages.

Hence, there is no "scheduler" of the dates to calculate the start-end relationship. The user specifies the start and finish dates, for example, by simply dragging and moving down the work packages in the Gantt chart. Efforts, durations, and resource allocations are neither regarded nor shown. This is one option for all beginners with a simplified UI.


The Effort-driven project plan calculates the duration based on the assigned staff. There is no fixed duration. The user enters a cost and indirectly determines the duration through the resource allocation (usually, the planning of IT projects follows this). An effort-driven project plan could be team-enabled or role-enabled or both team-enabled and role-enabled.

A quick note: Since maximum functionalities are available for a team-enabled and role-enabled effort-driven project, we would be talking in the context of a team/role-enabled effort-driven project throughout the manual. Other types of projects will be a sub-set of this.


Fixed Duration

Fixed duration project plans are those for which the duration of the project is of prime importance; the duration of the project is known and not the effort/cost. Moreover, since the duration has to be kept fixed, the resource loading will have to be done in a way that the tasks are completed in the given time. So, for a fixed duration project when you schedule work packages (fixed duration type), the resource loading needs to be changed in order to complete the work packages in a given duration.

Fixed duration projects are not part of the core functionality of 2-plan Desktop. You'll have to install this feature (add-on/plug-in/extension) using the Update Manager in order to enable fixed duration projects.