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Managing and Monitoring Your Projects

Now that you have the project and the basic project elements set up, we will move on to see how you can track and monitor your projects using 2-plan Team.

So, let’s get going...

Dashboards for Quick Status Checks

There are two types of dashboards available in 2-plan Team for project tracking online: Portfolio dashboard and Project dashboard/menu (see the navigation section for details). Get a quick overview by using the dashboard:

Go to the portfolio dashboard page i.e. the desktop page that you see when you login to the 2-plan Team. Here you can quickly see the status of all the projects in your portfolio. And you can also see your messages, tasks and calendar on this page. For a more detailed view of projects, tasks and messages, you can use the various corresponding tabs on portfolio dashboard.

Get a quick overview by using the Gantt chart:

Gantt chart can also be viewed through the portfolio page. You can use Gantt chart to visualize all projects, milestones and workpackages. You can also see the percentage complete and you can navigate to the elements by using the link in the left column.

The % completion for a project is calculated as percentage of forecasted effort (aggregated across workpackages) actually spent across workpackages.

To get the detailed status of a particular project:

  • Go to the portfolio menu/dashboard (see navigation section).You will see your list of projects here in the ‘My Projects’ section.
  • Click the project (hyperlink) whose detailed status you want to check. You will be taken to the project dashboard for that project. The effort, actual effort, time left, % completion, earned value analysis charts, calendar, time tracker and activity log is displayed here.
    • To check whether you are on schedule and on budget: Check the earned value analysis charts (see the section on earned value analysis for more details)
    • To check milestones scheduled for the month: The calendar on project displays all the milestones for the month through light-blue, diamond-shaped icons. You can click on these icons to drill further into the milestone details and messages associated with that milestone. You can also use the milestones tab for managing milestones
  • To check all the activity for the project: The activity section on project dashboard lists all the activities that have happened for the project since its inception e.g. assigning/de-assigning users, addition/deletion of files, milestones added/closed, time booked, workpackage / task activities etc.
  • To check other project details (workpackages/tasks, booked time, messages, files and users): Use various tabs of the project dashboard to drill down to specific project items/elements.
It is possible to reach the project dashboard from various other places in the 2-plan Team application. Just click the project hyperlink wherever you see it and you will be taken to the Project Menu/Dashboard.

To export your messages/tasks as RSS feed:

Any user can use RSS to see his/her current messages and the current assigned tasks with any RSS reader.

  • Go to the portfolio dashboard main page.
  • Or

  • Go to the ‘My Tasks’ or ‘My Messages’ tabs of portfolio dashboard.
  • Click the RSS feature of your browser/or RSS reader (generally depicted by the orange RSS icon with curved lines). It should be able to add "My messages" and "My tasks" as a feed.
  • Or

  • Click the Export->RSS icon in the ‘My Tasks’ or ‘My Messages’ in the header menu bar of their respective sections on the portfolio main page or the individual tabs (‘My Tasks’/’My Messages’). Your messages/tasks are added as RSS feed.

To export your messages as PDF:

  • Go to the portfolio dashboard main page.
  • Or

  • Go to the ‘My Messages’ tab of portfolio dashboard.
  • Click the Export->PDF icon in ‘My Messages’ header menu bar. Your messages are exported as PDF.

To export your tasks as ical:

  • Go to the portfolio dashboard main page.
  • Or

  • Go to the ‘My Tasks’ tab of portfolio dashboard.
  • Click the Export->ical icon in ‘My Tasks’ header menu bar. Your tasks are exported as ical file and you can then import it into any client that supports ical format e.g. MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, Yahoo Calendar etc.