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First Steps and Navigation

2-plan Team has a very intuitive user interface. All the menu items have been named in such a simple way that you can easily make out the contents of any menu from its name.

There are 3 primary menus in the 2-plan Team application: The top menu, the portfolio menu and the project menu. However, when you login to your 2-plan Team, only 2 menus will be visible to you (the top menu and the portfolio menu). Besides that, you also have a search function.

Each of these primary menus contains sub menus; however, we will not drill down to the sub-menus in our discussion in this section. We will be referring to these sub-menus when we talk about various functions of 2-plan Team application.

You can see the name of a tab/functionality by bringing your mouse pointer over it.

The Top Menu

The top menu is the menu you see right at the top of every page in your 2-plan Team application. This menu contains 3 menu items:

My Account

This contains three tabs:

  • User profile: This is the page that loads when you click on the ‘My Account’ menu item in the Top Menu. It contains your user profile details and you can also check your timesheet report here.
  • Desktop: This is the portfolio dashboard page. So, you can go to your portfolio menu through this route too.
  • Edit User: This is where you can edit your user profile details.


This is accessible only to the administrator role. It contains a drop-down menu which is visible when you bring your mouse pointer over it. The drop down menu contains 3 menu items (Project administration, User Administration and System Administration). So, overall 4 tabs are present in Administration:

  • Project Administration: This is the page through which you can view all the projects for which you have the permission. And you can add projects, close projects, delete projects or edit projects through this page.
  • User Administration: This is the page from where you can add, edit and delete users and roles.
  • System Administration: This is where you set-up all the system related parameters (e.g. date format, time zone, email parameters. RSS etc) that will be used across all projects that you create on this instance of 2-plan team.
  • Desktop: This is the portfolio dashboard page. So, you can go to your portfolio menu through this route too.


This is the link you click to logout of the application.

The Portfolio Menu or ‘Desktop’

The portfolio menu or the ‘Desktop’ is the menu you see when you login to the 2-plan team application. And as you have seen already, there are various other routes to reach the ‘Desktop’. ‘Desktop’ provides a snapshot of the projects you are part of. The following information is displayed on the Desktop page:

  • My projects: This section lists all the projects that you are managing/involved-in. You can click the project name to dig into the details of any of these projects or edit project details.
  • My Tasks: This section lists all your tasks with a mapping to the project the task corresponds to. It also provides information on how many days are left for each task i.e. by what time that task is due for completion.
  • Calendar: This gives a quick view of the current month’s calendar with a depiction of milestones scheduled for the month.
  • My Messages: This is an aggregate view of all the messages that you have received across your projects. Again, this view shows the mapping of messages to various projects. And it also shows who sent that message to you and when.

The other tabs available in portfolio menu are:

  • My Projects: This tab shows the same information as you see on the ‘Desktop’ page; however, you can also view the closed projects through this tab.
  • My tasks: This tab lists the tasks for each project, grouped on a per-project basis and mapped to the work package to which that task corresponds.
  • My Messages: This tab lists the messages, grouped on a per-project basis. You can also add a message (send a message to someone in your project) through this tab.
  • Gantt: This provides the Gantt chart representation for all your projects and the work packages of each project.

The Project Menu

Across all the pages/pages in your 2-plan Team application, you will find that the names of projects are given as hyperlinks. If you click these hyperlinks you will be taken to the project menu corresponding to that project. You will see the following tabs in the project menu:

  • Desktop: This is the portfolio dashboard page…about which we have mentioned earlier too.
  • Project dashboard: Here you will find the important details of the project e.g. plan effort, actual effort, time left, % completion, calendar, time tracker and activity log.
  • Milestones: This lists the milestones corresponding to this project. You can add/delete/edit milestones and also check the list of completed milestones.
  • Workpackages: This is where you view the list of workpackages for your project and the tasks corresponding to each workpackage. You can add/delete/edit/mark-as-complete tasks/workpackages.
  • Time tracker: You can submit time details (time spent, time required to complete) for each task through time tracker. You can also view the report for time logged by various users for their tasks.
  • Messages: This is one of the collaboration features offered by 2-plan team. You can use this page to view/add/delete messages.
  • Files: This is another great collaboration feature. You can share files with other users and these files will remain associated with the project. You can even notify other users that you have added new files
  • User: You can use this page to view/edit/delete users to your project.


This is the function that you will find on the right hand side of all the pages in 2-plan Team. You can search for a text/ word in all objects (messages, milestones, etc).

To search for a text:

  • Enter the search term/text in the search box
  • Click the search button
  • Search results are displayed on the left hand side of the search box.