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Setting-up and Working with the 2-plan Team

In this section we are going to set-up 2-plan Team and learn about the 2-plan Team interface / navigation features.

System requirements for 2-plan Team

2-plan Team is an open-source PHP application which you can install on any web server that supports PHP. It takes just a few minutes to install the 2-plan Team script. And here is what you will require for installing 2-plan Team:


  • PHP 5.1 or higher (Recent stable build recommended)
  • MySQL 4 or higher

It is recommended to run 2-plan team on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) servers. Windows Servers may work, but are not supported as well.


  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
  • You can even test the smartphone interface (iPhone, Blackberry...) directly from your PC using Safari or Google Chrome. see Demo Environment. Just login as manager@2-plan.com, password=manager.
  • Javascript enabled

Downloading 2-plan Team

The PHP script of 2-plan Team can be downloaded here. The download link will go to SourceForge, a highly reputable open source software repository. It has an active community of developers that keeps your 2-plan Team well supported and well maintained.

Setting-up/ installing the 2-plan Team script

Before you move on to set-up the 2-plan Team script, please read the PHP-script-setup instructions and MySQL setup instructions for your web server or as provided to you by your IT service provider.

To install/set-up 2-plan Team:

  • Unpack the archive.
  • Upload everything, including the empty /files and /templates_c folders, to your server. (Optionally you need to create /templates_c and /files manually before installation.)
  • Make the following folders and files writable:



  • /config/standard/config.php

  • Create a new MySQL database for 2-plan or you can also use an existing one.
  • Point your browser to install.php (www.your-domain.com/install.php) and follow the instructions given. Note: Please also check the next section on “Specifying user roles and rights”
  • If the installation was successful, delete install.php and update.php.

Specifying User roles and rights

When you call the install.php script you will be asked to specify the name and password of the root admin (the super-user for 2-plan Team).

Never forget the root password. There is no way to reset this password with a GUI. You'll have to edit the database directly!

Once the set-up is done, root admin can then login using the root administrator details and use the GUI to create other administrators which are assigned to a “Client”. This is called multi-client enablement. This means we can have multiple admins and each admin sees only the people (projects…) assigned to this client. This is useful in medium sized-companies, where each department or team has its own admin.

The root user is the only user who logins with the name. All other users have to use the e-mail address

You can login using the administrator details in order to set-up the other users and their roles. Note that the rights/permissions are based on the role that has been assigned to the user. These user rights will govern what a particular user can access and do in 2-plan Team. So, based on what rights you have, you might be able to see or not see some pages/functions in the 2-plan Team application.

Updating the 2-plan Team Script

If there are updates to the 2-plan team script, you might want to update/upgrade your 2-plan Team installation. Updating 2-plan Team to a new version is really easy.

To update 2-plan Team:

  • Unpack the 2-plan Archive.
  • Retrieve your config.php from your server.
  • Put your config.php in the folder /config/standard/, replacing the blank one.
  • Upload everything to your server, replacing any old 2-plan Team files.
  • Point your browser to update.php.
  • If the update was successful, delete install.php and update.php.


For any queries please contact the 2-plan Team support at the forum.