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Login and Logout

Once you have installed the 2-plan Team, you can access your 2-plan Team application using the URL you have specified/chosen during the installation process e.g. http://team.2-plan.com (for accessing it over the internet) or a localhost/intranet URL for accessing it over your LAN.

To login:

  • Type your 2-plan team application URL in your browser window. The login page will be presented to you.
  • Enter details: Email-id and Password (the root admin must use the user name and not the email)
  • Click OK

You will be logged-in into the 2-plan Team application and will be shown the ‘Desktop’ page (i.e. your portfolio dashboard page).

To logout:

Click the ‘Logout’ link that is available on top right corner of any page of 2-plan Team application. You will be logged-out and the Login page is loaded.