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2-plan Project Management System

2-plan is an integrated project management system that rocks. Energize your workplace with simple and efficient PM tool sets for notebooks, handhelds, iPhones, Androids, networks and the web. Focused on knowledge professionals’ teamwork, 2-plan's customer-driven design approach and frequent upgrades start you onboard for free. 2-plan is the first balanced corporate and small business project management system for project managers, one team projects, and multiple teams.

  • Rock your world with 2-plan Desktop's graphical and analytical project manager planning tool set.
  • Boost staff morale and productivity with 2-plan Team's team planning features, availability in several languages, and multiple projects handling.
  • Speed up your teamwork with simplified and action-packed Work 2-gether basic scrum board tools, task-to-task, for one team projects.


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