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2-plan Team Project Software - Open Source It!

Boost knowledge workers' morale and productivity with this online PM tool. Designed for in-house or outsourced multiple teams, 2-plan Team ups the ante in your overall competitiveness. For those who want to tap the expertise and knowledge of specialists in the monitoring and execution of projects and in the planning process, 2-plan Team unlocks the talents and skill sets of your workforce. Available in several languages, 2-plan Team is for power teamwork!

What to Expect from this Project Software.

  • Plan and track deliverables, tasks, and efforts across your project teams more effectively. 2-plan Team is for multiple projects and multiple teams!
  • Create milestones, work packages, and timelines along with your people as they create their own tasks and estimates. No more second guessing and know-it-all planning that kill the initiative, drive and passion of your knowledge workers!
  • Enable teams to record time spent on tasks, enter estimated time remaining, and update the project status all within the 2-plan Team online or from a Smartphone! Great for project offices and field work!
  • Create messages and share files with everyone linked to your project and receive activity updates through e-mail notifications or subscribe to an RSS Feed. Get everyone involved and updated!
  • Get an instant snapshot on the progress of your project through the Project Dashboard. Simplify monitoring work across multiple projects! 

It's Open Source!

2-plan Team project software is open source! It has matured through time and actively benefits from the work of multiple developers and several companies around the world. It's used as a hosted solution with a free trial account or as a downloadable open source software easily installed on any LAMP server. Modify 2-plan Team according to your project needs. It's available in several languages.


Try 2-plan Team for free. Pay when you're able!