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Work 2-gether Task Management System - Scrum Board

Execute projects rapidly with this online task management system. It's an easy-to-learn-and-use Scrum - Kanban task board usually used in innovative new products development. For self-organizing teams, Work 2-gether is a sexy way for people to work together and achieve goals at the shortest time. For project manager parents who want to start the kids early in leadership roles and teach teamwork, it's a fun vibe to bond on special events or hobbies that require family effort. For teachers and professional trainers, it's great for monitoring semestral school projects and month-long technical workshops that involve groups!

What Work 2-gether Scrum-Kanban Task Board Does

  • Manages tasks in a work flow where any member of the team can pitch in to finish tasks in process.
  • Allows collaboration on each task to quickly complete the task list.
  • Makes the whole team participate in the tasks of the project.
  • Focuses the team on the tasks at hand.
  • Simplifies task management through the familiar sticky notes on your refrigerator.
  • Promotes assembly line efficiency through a structured but easy workflow system.

Scrum derives from the fun game of Rugby which highlights the value and power of teamwork. Meanwhile, Kanban is adapted from Japanese just-in-time production efficiency. Teamwork is fun. Efficiency is sexy. Work 2-gether is both fun and sexy!


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