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2-plan Team Open Source Project Software

2-plan Team is an easy to use open source, web-based project management tool. You can use 2-plan Team by itself or in combination with 2-plan Desktop.

Managing Virtual Teams

Empower your geographically dispersed or non co-located in-house or outsourced teams to detail your work packages. Close the planning gaps in your project milestones and timelines the smart way. Use shared online workspaces and mobile phones for virtual collaboration.


Project Tracking System

View the status of multiple projects instantly through the Project Dashboard. This tracking system's monitoring capability has an elaborate design that taps on standalone, online and mobile tools. It features milestones and simple charts for quick status reports and early warning red flags.


Project Time Tracking

Record time spent on tasks, enter estimated time to complete, and update project status in networks or online. Track time via iPhones, Blackberrys, or Androids in many projects! Filter time data from the 2-plan Team up to the 2-plan Desktop for project schedule & budget monitoring.


Collaborative Project Management

Collaborate with your clients, partners, outsourced teams or staff in many locations. Configure roles. Notify teams. Work on common files. Handle team and individual messages. Send updates via e-mail notifications or RSS feeds to several project managers or team leads.


Project Management Android & Blackberry

Manage your mobile project teams via Androids, Blackberry or iPhone. Stay informed, view your calendar, receive status updates, and track time on mobile phones or handhelds. It's better than a phone app. 2-plan Team with smartphone interface runs on a database engine!


Quick. Get It Now!

2-plan Team is available as free and open-source software which you can install on any Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP system.