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Collaborative Project Management

Collaborate with your clients, partners, outsourced teams or staff in many locations. Configure roles. Notify teams. Work on common files. Handle team and individual messages. Send updates via e-mail notifications or RSS feeds to several project managers or team leads.

Per Milestone Messages or Per Project Collaboration Tools Online

Create messages for your entire team or only for those individuals that are related to a particular milestone.

collaborative messages for projects

No one is left out of important communication. Messages remain on the 2-plan Team server. Recipients can recall these messages at any given time.

Likewise, attach files directly to the messages to be shared with the team and linked to milestones. You can also create tags to group messages together so you can find all items related to a specific tag from the project’s main page. Targeted communications management is key to your success in project collaboration online.

Group Collaboration Software that Manages Files for Teamwork

2-plan Team is a terrific way to share documents and files of all types quickly and easily with your team members.

collaborative work files management

It allows you to attach files directly to messages grouped per task, per team's work package or per project if you're managing several projects at any given time.

Create a central repository for important files relating to a specific project, work package or milestone and ensure team members are working on the latest version. There's no need for a separate document collaboration software!

You can assign specific tags to files, which allows you to group files together so all files related to a specific tag are quickly identified from the project’s main page.

Collaborative Project Management RSS Feeds and E-mail Notifications

Receive e-mail notifications on crucial project information including status updates, changes to work packages or tasks, and new messages. You can stay informed by subscribing to the RSS feeds.

RSS feeds for project management collaboration

These will publish all activities related to your project and automatically download the feeds to your computer to be viewed in programs such as the Internet Explorer or any other RSS Reader of your choice.

Each group or team member assigned to a specific work package also stays informed with email notifications and RSS feeds. This type of collaborative project management tool banks on the no-one-left-behind communication style. Nobody can deny that he or she wasn't informed!

Multiple Access Levels for Project Managers Working in Collaboration

It's a career fact that you have to work with the client's project managers, the contractor's project managers or other project managers within your very own organization.

project management collaboration access rights

Rare is the project manager or team leader who does not need to collaborate with other project managers or team leaders.

To prepare you for this real world scenario, 2-plan Team gives you three predefined roles which are designed for extremely simple setup. The user administration also provides the flexibility to configure and tailor roles as needed by your organization.

When a user logs into the 2-plan Team, the areas of the application and projects that apply to that user are the only ones displayed. All progress and status charts, such as the Gantt chart are customized showing only those tasks assigned for that particular user.

Collaborative project management is also about giving expansive or limited roles to to the people who matter most in the roles that they're good at.