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Managing Virtual Teams

Empower your geographically dispersed or non co-located in-house or outsourced teams to detail your work packages. Close the planning gaps in your project milestones and timelines the smart way. Use shared online workspaces and mobile phones for virtual collaboration.

Virtual Team Management: Team Planning Tools and Feedback Loops

Get stuff done with clear instructions, proper delegation and feedback loops via built in software monitoring and communication tools. Involve your people in team planning for the project details while you simply provide the general plan in unmistakable terms. Get feedback in real time as tasks are done or reported.

virtual team tools gantt-chart

Use work packages to communicate your expectations for each deliverable with the expected timeline at just the right amount and level of detail. Monitor the progress of each work package by reviewing the Gantt chart which displays milestones, schedule dates, and percent complete. The Calendar view quickly informs you of upcoming milestones as well as when work packages are scheduled to begin or end.

Managing virtual teams can get the job done with the right tools and project management mindset. It's mainly about delegation and clear communications with built in accountability.

Managing the Tasks of Virtual Work Teams

Empower your teams by providing them tools to review your work package descriptions so they can accurately define the tasks that your project needs to accomplish any given deliverable within realistic time frames and budgets. Virtual project management need not be naive.

virtual team task management

This approach frees you up to focus on control and the delivery of the work packages while your teams estimate and prioritize tasks directly based on the timelines you outline for each work package. Maximize delegation and minimize micromanagement with clearly monitored and established accountability. Giving your teams a freehand within set parameters is always a proven way to get them greatly motivated and inspired to perform exceedingly well.

Moreover, when your teams login to the 2-plan Team, each team member's desktop immediately displays the assigned tasks that they themselves have created and defined in order of priority without having to sift through unrelated project details.

Managing Virtual Teams via the 2-plan Desktop and 2-plan Team Combo

How do you get stuff done more efficiently with your virtual teams? First create the general plan and let your virtual teams create the detailed project plan.

managing virtual teams with 2-plan Desktop plugin

To do this, first create your general project plan with an indicative schedule and budget via the 2-plan Desktop. Next, upload the work packages to the 2-plan Team for your teams to detail and work on.

Your team will then break down each work package into detailed tasks where they will assign their own estimates and team resources. Eventually, your virtual teams will provide you status updates through the time tracking of their tasks online or on mobile phones. You'll also get status updates and reports via email notifications and other collaborative communication tools that the 2-plan Team provides.

While your team is working on their tasks, you can then update your general plan with the latest status and real forecast information as your project is executed towards completion.

Managing virtual teams can get stuff done through empowerment, a robust project management tool set, and the right executive level frame of mind!