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Project Management Android & Blackberry

Manage your mobile project teams via Androids, Blackberry or iPhone. Stay informed, view your calendar, receive status updates, and track time on mobile phones or handhelds. It's better than a phone app. 2-plan Team with smartphone interface runs on a database engine!

Stay Informed Through Your Mobile Phones and Handhelds

iPhone Calendar

Stay informed through your Androids, Blackberrys, iPhones or any smart mobile device. Carry all of your project portfolio information right in your pocket with the 2-plan Team. Its powerful database engine gives you an edge.

The Calendar view provides a quick look at upcoming milestones and work packages that lets you stay on top of deliverables right from your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, tablet or any other type of handhelds.

A complete list of your teams’ activities provides you with up-to-the-minute status updates as these occur and are reported.

Manage Project Status Info Via Androids, iPhones or BlackBerrys

iPhone work status

Conveniently retrieve project status information directly from your Smartphone or other smart mobile devices.

In a glimpse, you can determine whether the schedule is on track and monitor the project costs. Drill down to the work package level to identify areas of the project that need your attention.

Each time a task is updated by your team, the project metrics are automatically refreshed providing you with the latest information that you need to stay on top of and manage your projects.

On the iPhone, you can even view burn down and actual effort charts.

Track Your Time with the Smartphone Task Manager

Time-Tracking with Smartphones

When traveling, conveniently update any task status or enter your time spent working on any tasks.

Using your Smartphone or smart handheld, you can instantly share updates with all team members or vice versa. Progress charts and vital project status indicators are immediately refreshed with the actual time performed on tasks as these are reported.

Project management for Android, Blackberry or for iPhone can and should be this powerful!