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Project Time Tracking

Record time spent on tasks, enter estimated time to complete, and update project status in networks or online. Track time via iPhones, Blackberrys, or Androids in many projects! Filter time data from the 2-plan Team up to the 2-plan Desktop for project schedule & budget monitoring.

Track Time on a Task Level Online

Project time tracking is simpler with 2-plan Team.

project time time tracking free

Your team can enter the time spent on assigned tasks directly within the web application for time tracking online or via the Smartphone interface through iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids or tablets.

Each entry that is updated for time spent on a task automatically adjusts reports and the actual effort and burn down charts.

If you are using the 2-plan Desktop Team Connector plugin, then these information are also synchronized to update your project plan and provide you the detailed information to monitor your schedule and project costs.

Time Tracking System Reporting / Exporting

Viewing your time log is easy as a report is created each time an entry is made into the Timetracker and automatically calculates the total hours worked.

time tracking system project information report and export

You can review these reports on the TimeTracker system page or export the reports unto Excel and/or Adobe Reader PDF format with a few simple clicks. Need to see the time spent on a particular task? Or need to view the effort for all tasks this week? Use the report filter to limit the records displayed, and calculate total hours spent on the specific task or for an exact time-period.

View Actual Effort + Burn Down Charts for Tracking Time Online

It has never been more convenient to get the information you need to use the power of an Earned Value Analysis.

online time tracking burn-down chart

With the status charts, it is easier to see if your teams are performing as expected. Keep one eye on the costs, then the scheduled performances, and then focus on the critical tasks. These key metrics automatically update as your teams enter the time and estimated time to complete for each task.