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Project Tracking System

View the status of multiple projects instantly through the Project Dashboard. This tracking system's monitoring capability has an elaborate design that taps on standalone, online and mobile tools. It features milestones and simple charts for quick status reports and early warning red flags.

Project Tracking Online Through the Project Dashboard

Get instant access to the project tracking online and mobile tools that you need to check on the health of your multiple projects. 2-plan Team's Project Dashboard shows you a straightforward and easy-to-read snapshot.

project tracking system dashboard

Quickly view important metrics such as Actual Effort and Burn Down charts, to see if your team speed comes as expected and whether or not you can stay within your budget limits.

The Calendar view shows an overview of upcoming milestones and work packages. It allows you to add new tasks or milestones directly from the dashboard screen. You can also add your time to track tasks that you have worked on and view all activity histories that are related to each project.

Standard Project Tracking Tools: Charts and Timesheets

Quickly see problem areas where the project has gone off target or off track using 2-plan Team's visual charts.

project tracking task management tools

As your team members enter the time spent on any given task using the timesheet tracker, and as they update the estimated time to complete, you will always have a realistic forecast to work on in your dynamic project plan.

You can view the Burn-down and Actual Effort charts on the work package level or you can look at these combined to obtain a complete view of the entire project. Each work package also provides a quick look on the number of days remaining until the scheduled start and end dates. These standard project tracking tools make your project management work simpler with a straightforward, easy as pie approach.

Project Tracking System Core Feature: Milestones Management

Rapidly create milestones and assign work packages to ensure that your teams understand the scope of each project. Use the automated reporting tools to monitor progress and maintain up-to-date control.

project tracking online with milestones

Available anywhere you are, you can access the Calendar view (even with your Smartphone and other smart handhelds), which promptly reminds you of upcoming milestones. Ensure everyone who is working on a milestone stays informed using instant messages to communicate ongoing project information.

Each milestone has an assigned status so you can quickly identify those milestones that are already completed, past due, or scheduled for the future. This project tracking system core feature will keep you sane when the going gets tough and laid back efficient when everything fits to a tee.

Project Tracking Software Combo Approach: Planned vs Actual

Using the 2-plan Team in combination with the 2-plan Desktop provides a fast and simple way to get the detailed tracking information you need for monitoring your multiple projects without manually updating the details.

project tracking with 2-plan Desktop plugin tools

The 2-plan Desktop Team Connector plugin makes this possible. Each time a team member updates the status of a task, the related work packages are updated within the 2-plan Team and then this information is synchronized to update your project plan automatically in your 2-plan Desktop. You no longer have to enter each update yourself, as this is done for you instantly when using the two project management tools together.

This project tracking software combo approach closes the gap between the project manager and his or her teams with a built in feedback loop from planning to execution and eventually, project closeout.