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2-plan Team Demo Videos and Tutorials

To see all 2-plan Team and 2-plan Desktop videos, you can also have a look at our YouTube channel.

Project Manager's Portfolio Summary

Manage several projects, view your to-do list, check your calendar or see all of your messages per project in summary form.


Online Gantt Chart

View several Gantt charts for multiple projects or focus on one project. You can even drill down on each work package in the Gantt chart with just a simple click.


Team Member's Notifications

Notify each team member quickly and easily via email or Smartphones. All it takes is less than 3 seconds when you press the send button!


Working with Tasks

Bounce workpackage data between the 2-plan Desktop and the 2-plan Team for team planning and greater team productivity. Combine this feedback loop and specialist autonomy with 2-plan Desktop's monitoring tools to turn your projects from ordinary to extra-ordinary!


Communication and Email

Manage your project emails per work package. Your project communications are neatly organized in summary form or you can send messages within a workpackage. You can also attach multiple files for each message.


Uploading Documents

Create folders and upload files per folder for each work package. Define people or teams who will have access to these project documents.