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Why Use 2-plan Team: Your Best Open Source Project Software Choice

Let's discuss several reasons why this project software is your best open source option.

Mature Open Source Project Software

As a fork of another open source project software, 2-plan Team is essentially mature. It has an expanding feature set and its functionality grows day-by-day while retaining its simple but effective design. It's also being developed through the Agile approach. Hence, 2-plan Team is constantly upgraded and maintained. It adapts to its users.

Moreover, because it's open source, many developers around the world improve and enhance it. Your greatest advantage with 2-plan Team is that real world project managers designed this software. Essentially, 2-plan Team bridges the gap between theory and practice in most PM tools. Thus, 2-plan Team is your best open source project software choice.

Save on Technical Staff, Software Appliances and Hardware

If you're a start-up company or you're affected with the global recession, consider 2-plan Team's hosting services. It lets you save on outright expenses to procure and maintain the information technology infrastructure for your project management and project collaboration needs. You can also be freed from the stress of looking for technical staff with the right skill sets to maintain your project management infrastructure.

We at 2-plan are passionate about project management and the improvement of teams. We have a dedicated maintenance and support team who work for the love of project management software. For us, 2-plan Project Management Software is not a job. It's a baby that we nurture and help grow every day. 2-plan Team is your best open source project software choice because we care for it like we do for a favorite son or daughter.

Host Your Own 2-plan Team

If you have an existing project management information technology infrastructure and have skilled technical staff to maintain it, download the 2-plan Team and host your own 2-plan Team open source project software! It's your best choice because you're free to tweak it, add to it, enhance it, and whatever you think is the best way to improve it.

Custom-fit Your Online and Mobile Virtual Collaboration Tools

2-plan Team is open source. You can custom-fit it to your company's needs if you have a programming team or if you decide to avail of the 2-plan in-house development service. This is your best open source project software choice because you can grow with it day-by-day even without an in-house development team.

Get Support with Your Open Source App

Several critics argue that the typical problem with open source software is the support. People may get open source software for free and yet they are left hanging when the open source software developer folds up due to lack of funding.

2-plan Team lets you avail of commercial support and has a revenue generation model that lets you enjoy open source project software that rapidly adapts to the latest technology or improved project management techniques.

Project Management for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

Always on the go? Are you managing road warriors and key on-site project personnel like project marketing executives, business development managers, on-call consultants, engineers, or expats? Get them to report or collaborate with their Androids, iPhones, BlackBerrys, or other SmartPhones while in travel mode. Turn idle travel time into more productive activities across your teams.

Separate Project Execution Work with Project Management Work

If you're still confused with project management software, 2-plan Team clearly delineates between execution and planning. Traditional project management software are mainly focused on project planning rather than project execution. What's even worse is that traditional project management software is specifically designed for project managers who need to learn the intricacies and details of non-project management activities like asset or property management, human resources or personnel benefits management, or even accounting.

These traditional software applications take away the project manager from actually managing the project and instead relegates him/her to managing the project management software instead of letting accountants, property administrators and/or human resource managers do the jobs that they were trained for or were paid for.

Companies are also forced to hire professionals who actually know how to use the software since very few can afford its high price to learn it well. Exorbitant professional certifications in using traditional project management software also make hostages out of project companies to retain the services of software operators who duplicate the jobs of several specialist professionals and maintain an obsolete software that does not consider well the inputs of knowledge workers.

Traditional project management software still promotes the Taylorism of the Industrial Age in today's Knowledge Economy. Most significantly, traditional project management software takes out the 'management' aspect out of project management.

Many certified project managers today are actually skilled software operators rather than skilled project managers. They cannot communicate or gel well with their teams to maximize the benefits of team work or manage the integration of several specialist knowledge areas in multidisciplinary projects. What's worse is that their micromanagement approach kills initiative, discourages creative solutions, and disregards the safety nets associated with specialists and experts when it comes to project risks.

2-plan Team allows project managers to actually do project management work by letting them delegate project-related jobs from task detailing to execution and eventually project close-out. Experts, professionals and/or knowledge workers like accountants, human resource managers, property administrators, consultants, engineers, programmers, designers, and more will now be able to do their jobs well under the leadership, guidance and support of a skilled project manager who knows how to integrate the expertise of professionals from several disciplines.

2-plan Team also empowers the team with diverse communication, planning, execution and close-out tools like: project management BlackBerry; iPhone PM tools; project tracking online; synchronizing with 2-plan Desktop free project management software; reporting tools anytime, anywhere; and work packages close-out by levels.

2-plan Team ends air sandwich project plans and gives team members a say on how to do their jobs best. Moreover, it allows project managers to actually manage projects by focusing on planning, leadership, delegation, negotiation, communications with stakeholders for change and risk management, planning project funding releases or rationalizing project finance, brainstorming with team members to plan details or troubleshoot unforeseen problems, monitoring, cost control, integration of specialist professionals and other project management-related activity.

Free your company from obsolete approaches. Transform your project firm to 2-plan Team and 2-plan Desktop. 2-plan Team is definitely your best open source project software choice!