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MS Project Alternative: Why Use 2-plan Desktop?

2-plan Desktop has an MS Project plug-in. It has new killer feature sets like the graphical WBS, mind maps and the team connector. The savvy project manager has more project planning and project execution tools available at hand. These are some of the reasons why it’s the best free MS Project alternative.

Among the many MS Project alternatives, 2-plan Desktop is your best choice. Discover why this MS Project free alternative is the best of the lot based on innovative functions and real-world project management approaches.


2-plan Desktop is FREE.

2-plan Desktop is not a free trial offer. You can use it as long as you like. It has a full set of project management features that you can use for free. It also has 6 free plug-ins.

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Project Breakdown Structure

Unlike other Microsoft Project alternatives that are overly focused on the process and schedule, 2-plan Desktop is a balanced PM tool. Projects are made up of people, processes and material resources that lead to the deliverables. 2-plan Desktop covers all three in the project plan that helps project managers come up with more realistic schedules and budgets. The Extended Project Explorer allows PMs to see all three in the simplest, animated summary view. Currently, 2-plan Desktop is the only MS Project alternative that has this feature.

Through the Extended Project Explorer, project managers can have an immediate relational view of their project components from work packages to teams or even milestones and physical project resources. Likewise, program managers can manage several sub-projects and get a top level view through this innovative project breakdown structure tool.

This is also perfect for head office PMOs of project firms engaged in multiple projects for monitoring of the marketing and business development aspects of project management including proper project completion, closure, close-out and/or termination.

How can a project manager expand the inputs of his or her team leaders? Breakdown the project into sub-projects and use the 2-plan Desktop Extended Project Explorer to get a simplified view or drill down into the details on your focus and filter out other information for later analysis.

How can a program manager monitor 4 or 6 interrelated projects and still be able to manage his or her team of 4 to 6 project managers? Try the 2-plan Desktop Extended Project Explorer. Concentrate on the top level aspects of the project and delegate the finer details to your project managers. Simplify your work through effective delegation without foregoing the critical aspects of your job to perform it well.

How can a head office PMO administrator manage the production of 100 project proposals a month from ITB monitoring to RFP compliance; from proposal creation to technical bid submission; and even from contract signing to project closure? Organize the marketing and business development aspects of project management through the 2-plan Desktop Extended Project Explorer to provide better support to the project managers of project firms.

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Project Mind Maps

The Mind Map Program plug-in enables project managers to brainstorm on team components, work packages, milestones or even physical resources. This is an innovative team planning tool that follows the track of many heads are better than one. Use a project mind map to build components that you can reuse in other projects. Drag-and-drop mind map objects into project objects to bridge the gap between idea generation and project execution. That's right. 2-plan Desktop is an MS Project alternative that has integrated project mind maps.

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Plug-and-Work Anywhere

Save your 2-plan Desktop on your flash drive and run it anywhere. Great for face-to-face brainstorming with your teams or clients minus the bulk of a notebook. Or you can even let your team members take the flash drives home for their individual inputs done at their own pace and time. This MS Project free alternative lets you enhance the creativity of your teams and get their freshest inputs during their peak thinking hours.

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Team Planning Approach Through an Enterprise Framework

The natural progression of enterprise frameworks is to start with a general item and then detail these later on as the project progresses. This is essentially what 2-plan Desktop's top-down planning is all about. Delegate the detailing to the experts and then hone your negotiation and communication skills to get the best schedules at the most realistic time frames and costs. Many heads are still better than one. The era of individual, project manager-only planning is fast becoming obsolete with knowledge workers in the modern knowledge-driven economy depending on your industry.

Use 2-plan Desktop's various team planning tools like the Graphical Work Breakdown Structure, Project Mind Maps and Team Connector plug-ins. Synchronizing your 2-plan Desktop with the 2-plan Team web collaboration project software lets you leverage the benefits of team planning even more! Currently, no other MS Project alternative can do this.

Get the edge with team planning. Get it with 2-plan Desktop and 2-plan Team.

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Evolutionary Project Management Features

The problem with free software is the support several critics claim. To solve this, you get the benefits of free software and still get the support you need when you buy the advanced plug-ins to let 2-plan Desktop evolve. The greater the demand for these progressive plug-ins, the greater the support and the better 2-plan Desktop becomes. Each commercial plug-in release keeps us on our toes to deliver the most innovative features that you'll need. Technology and project management is never stagnant. 2-plan Desktop is designed to evolve and be more efficient with your continued support. Enjoy the benefits of owning an MS Project free alternative while getting support and frequent updates like you would from any commercial Microsoft Project alternative.

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Easy Project Plan Template Creation

Are you a real estate developer who integrates different project sub-components to come up with customized solutions? Do your customers require different rooms, kitchens, or options from a choice of 5 or more selections? Just drag-and-drop your existing work packages to create a new project plan with the different options that you'll need.

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Agile Software Development Approach

The Agile Method is particularly known for its customer-driven approach and transparency with its customers. Agile professionals call a bug, a bug. They don't blame users with messages like, "The user committed a fatal error."

Likewise, we carefully consider each feature request that 2-plan Desktop customers bring to our attention to come up with features that project managers and project staff actually use. Our approach ensures that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for features that you don't use or don't need.

The 2-plan Desktop design idea is to keep communication with its customers honest and open so we get feedback at the fastest time. This makes your 2-plan Desktop nimble and quick to adapt to your actual needs and consider the real world practicalities of project management. An agile technology ensures that your project management software always adapts to the trends and demands of the times.

Use the tried and tested traditional project management approaches while seize the opportunities to benefit from agile approaches. No other MS Project alternative that is offered for free can give you the best of both worlds.

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German Commitment to Quality with International Staff

German brands have a reputation for precision and accuracy, and most are deemed pricier than other brands. 2-plan Desktop is a German brand that intends to keep that proud reputation with free software supported by reasonably priced progressive plug-ins. We work harder to bring you high quality and innovative project management software. Get the core system for free and pay for improved quality when you want it or when you need it.

Our international staff also ensures that we work round-the-clock to serve you best.

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100% Clean of Adware/Spyware Components


FreewareFiles and Softpedia among many other download sites have tested 2-plan Desktop "...using several industry-leading security solutions" and "leading antivirus scanners".

Most free software or even those available for free trial subject their customers to intrusive ads. They force you to give them a sale. Many even spy on what you do to make a sale.

Our principle is different. 2-plan Desktop is a Microsoft Project alternative that treats you in a different, but most special way. For us, your ease of access to and continued use of 2-plan Desktop will give us the sale to keep you well-supported and happy. You don't even need to provide your name or email address to download the software. Our marketing strategy is simple: We provide you with a high quality MS Project alternative, and honest and transparent support.

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Friends of 2-plan

The number of 2-plan users grows everyday-- exponentially. It has a rapidly expanding user base all over the world.

Right now, 2-plan has 10,000 select users with exclusive friends-only support. These select users belong to the Friends of 2-plan users' group.