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Work 2-gether Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools

Work 2-gether is our new software offering currently under development. It's a Scrum task board based on Kanban and Scrum principles for simple project execution that leverage the fastest learning curves. Designed for one team projects, Work 2-gether is so easy to use even kids and teenagers will love it. Start your kids early in project management for that career edge in the sciences, engineering or business. Great for group projects in schools too!

Work 2-gether Features

  • Organise your work using a mindmap.
  • Sticky notes simplicity in the management of tasks requiring group effort.
  • Just-in-time assembly line efficiency.
  • Task-based focus.
  • Online collaboration per task for rapid task list finishes.
  • Online discussions per project or task.
  • Pitch in mode team approach to work flow process completion.
  • Team-wide participation in project tasks.

Work 2-gether is also designed to help project managers enable their project leaders manage their staff based on a task list. With the 2-plan Desktop for executive-level project planning, budgeting, and brainstorming, Work 2-gether fits perfectly well in the execution of projects that require specialized teams and cohesive teamwork.

Work 2-gether is also designed to help in-house and outsourced project teams in the execution of work packages in the 2-plan Team.